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Why you need a Job Description for each employee

By: Yolanda Smith – IndustrySearch Writer
21 January, 2015

It is not uncommon for employees to see their Job Description during the interview and initiation, yet never set eyes upon it again. However, this is a wasted opportunity that could be put to better use for the benefit of both the employee and the company.

Here are a few reasons why it is essential to have a unique Job Description for every role in your business.

Increase clarity of specific roles

Where there are many employees working for a company, the line between each role can become blurry and the responsibilities of each person difficult to fully understand. A Job Description clearly states who should be doing which tasks. It also makes it easier to recognise who to ask for information about a particular task.

Additionally, when an issue arises, the relevant employee can be held accountable – not to find a scapegoat but rather to reach a resolution efficiently. This helps to produce more effective results, as each employee feels ownership over their area of the business.

Ensure no task is left in the wind

There are countless daily, weekly and monthly tasks to be done in every company, and some jobs can easily land between employees with no one properly seeing to them.

Job Descriptions eliminate this risk. Managers and employees are able to see where responsibility for each task lies. If there are new tasks to be done, or something that isn't being done well, you can refer to the all Job Description within the company and re-allocate if necessary.

Improve staff relations

Communication between staff is essential for the smooth running of any business. When each employee is clear about what they and the other employees in the company are required to do, there will be less confusion and project overlap. Not only does this help with getting things done more efficiently, but each person is also more likely to be content and relate better to the rest of the team if they feel a sense of shared and balanced ownership.

Facilitate smooth staff handover

When new staff enter the company, a Job Description expressly states what they should do within their role. It helps them to find their feet in the company. This makes handover between employees much smoother, as it ensures that all information will be addressed. It is also possible to use the Job Description as a guide to make a "handover checklist" that should be completed by staff during the process.

Help when hiring

When writing job advertisements, a job description can assist in explaining the role accurately and indicating skills a potential applicant should possess. You can clearly see what they will be expected to do and will, therefore, be better equipped to choose the best candidate.

In addition, a well-written job advertisement helps attract the right people to the position and benefits the company in the long term.

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john | Thursday, January 22, 2015, 10:22 AM
This article ignores multiskilling. Job satisfaction and production is highest when employees can do all jobs. This prevents tasks falling through the cracks as each person recieving a task knows what should already be done. Also repairs can be done by each employee. Further, missing employees do not halt production. Even more important the best distribution of tasks becomes self evident.