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Why you should install a strip door

Supplier: Remax Products
20 April, 2015

Maintaining correct temperatures and keeping the use of energy down can present as an issue for many companies. It's therefore important to look for ways to be energy efficient and keep your employees comfortable and happy in the workplace.

Strip doors offer plenty of advantages. Whether you work out of a large warehouse, have a walk-in coolroom, or operate a small restaurant, strip doors may be the key to optimising efficiency, reducing the spread of contaminants and lowering your operating costs.

Three reasons why you should install a strip door

They are cost-effective

Strip doors are time proven, low maintenance, reliable and cost effective. They are the cheapest way to mitigate loss of energy or heat-gain into a controlled temperature environment such as a cool room or freezer, which ultimately saves you energy and money through a reduction in operating expenses.

Air-conditioned buildings with open doors lose heat and cooling, but by utilising a strip door you can greatly reduce this. A strip door is also an effective barrier, because it is 'always closed,' it only opens to the size of whatever is entering, compared to doors that open fully each time an object enters.

In refrigerated areas, strip doors help to ensure that temperatures remain stable. As a result, businesses experience less shrinkage and product spoilage, as well as, less frost build-up on coils, and  reduced wear and tear on compressors, motors and switches. Stabilising the air temperature enhances hygiene and separation.

They improve working conditions

There are many environmental factors in a busy workplace that can easily distract employees and affect their workplace experience. Temperature and humidity control are important, but so is the ability to isolate noise and contaminants.

Strip doors have been proven to reduce noise by up to 17 decibels in certain applications, which is great encouragement to employ their use in order to isolate noise from equipment, work stations and loading docks in other areas.

They also promote cleaner and more efficient working environments by preventing the movement of air pollutants such as dust, dirt and smoke from one work environment to another, and, helping to provide increased safety and visibility in high traffic environments. Transparent strip doors don't just improve safety for employees, they also allow for streaming natural light into your site.

They act as a barrier for pests

We all know the contamination problems that can be caused by insects and birds when stock and equipment are left uncovered. This can be particularly debilitating in the food sector. Between the inside and outside of different work areas, PVC strip doors create a barrier against flying insects, vermin, birds and other pests from entering your site without having to reduce natural light and the efficiency of having an open door.