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Why your factory floor needs an industrial scrubber and sweeper

By: Grant King - IndustrySearch Writer
25 June, 2015

When it comes to cleaning factory floors, there's the 'old school' and the 'new school.' The old school are traditionalists who swear by mops, buckets and brooms.

Well, chances are the old school will be swearing at mops, buckets and brooms by the end of this article. Because here is the undeniable 'new school' case for industrial scrubbers and sweepers.

Mops and buckets just redistribute dirt

So you're currently a traditional mop and bucket advocate and you think that does a perfectly good job; that you could eat your breakfast off your factory floor. Well, here's what's actually happening. You wet the floor, slop the mop around in practised circles and sweeps, rinse, and repeat until the entire floor is done. The floor is now clean, right? Wrong.

Not only is your factory floor a wet and treacherous ice rink until it dries, all you've really done is redistribute the dirt, grease and grime. Your bucket might have collected two per cent of it, but the rest is happily settling on your 'clean' factory floor again and, worse, building over time rather than diminishing. Your factory floor is just as filthy as it was before you started.

Industrial sweepers dislodge decade old grime

For a start, anything with the word 'industrial' in front of it has to be taken seriously; it means business, and industrial floor scrubbers are no exception. Your industrial scrubber is fitted with an industrial sprayer unit filled with a heavy duty water and chemical solution.

As you move the scrubber (easily) across the floor, this quite literally sprays the cocky complacency out of dirt, grease and grime, dislodging years of ingrained, indolent filth. Squeegees and a powerful vacuum then suck this filth up and away before it has a chance to resettle, leaving your floor not only clean, but dry and ready for work.

No costly delays. No decades old grime. Industrial scrubbers are easy to operate, require little maintenance and can be battery-powered or electric depending on the size of the clean.

Brooms don't banish dust

If your faith in mops and buckets has been shattered, here's a reality check about your trusty broom. To be honest, it's not rocket science. Well, actually, it is because all your broom is really doing is sending dust into orbit.

You sweep merrily away from one end of your factory floor to the other collecting anything too heavy to join the ever-growing brown cloud above your head and consider that job done. The nasty film in your mouth should probably tell you it isn't. Brooms are nothing but 'dust bullies,' chasing it relentlessly around your factory day after day, but banishing none of it.

Industrial sweepers keep your floors grime and dust free

If you've ever been out for a walk around dawn, you may have seen eerie hissing machines slinking gracefully along the street fringes. If you haven't you may have wondered how those very same street fringes are always so clean. The answer is industrial sweepers.

These come in all shapes and sizes, from units no bigger than a domestic ride-on mower, to ones the size of a small truck. Like your broom, they bully dust and dirt into submission using high speed rotating brushes.

Unlike your broom, said dust doesn't merely create a temporary mezzanine of airborne hygiene risks. Instead a high powered vacuum sucks it immediately into safe storage leaving your floor (and atmosphere) dust and grime free.

Case closed.


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