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Wide Universal Data Logger (WUDL)

Supplier: Sphere Systems

The Wide Universal Data Logger is the alternative to the NUDL, it allows a more comprehensive data-logging solution.

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Analogue Inputs

  • 8 analogue inputs with 12 bit resolution
  • Each input can be programmed to be either a 4-20mA input or a 0-2.5V input or a 0-5V input. 4 inputs are software switchable the other 4 require jumpers.
  • Each input has a discriminator capable of transforming the analogue value into a digital value. The discriminator can be set to operate as a simple switch or a window. The digital value can be set to be true if the input is above or below the switch threshold or within or outside the window.
  • Hysteresis is used to prevent spurious switching around the thresholds.
  • Programmable delay from 0 to 255 seconds for each input
  • Programmable analogue sampling rate from once per second to one sample every 18 hours.
  • Input averaging. The analogue inputs can be set to record either the average value over the logging period or the instantaneous value when a log is taken.

Digital Inputs

  • Up to 16 digital inputs.
  • 6 inputs are switchable between input or output function.
  • 8 digital inputs are fully optically isolated in pairs. Optically isolated inputs can have onboard pull up resistors switched in but this negates the isolation.
  • 2 dedicated inputs.
  • All inputs have led status indication when using internal pull ups.
  • Input accepts a switch closure to ground with an onboard switchable pull up resistor.
  • 32 bit counter associated with each input. The counter counts the positive transitions on an input.
  • Counters can be selectively logged.
  • Counters can be reset at each logging interval or by a signal derived from any digital input, digital variable, analogue input or time clock.
  • Counters are scaled using user defined scale factors and units.
  • Each counter can set a predefined digital variable if the either the input frequency exceeds a user defined value or if the counts exceed a used defined count. Each input has it's own digital variable.
  • Each counter has a second digital variable which will give an early warning of a possible excess frequency or excess count condition.

Digital Outputs

  • 1 open collector MOSFET
  • 6 additional open collector MOSFET outputs. These are shared with digital inputs.
  • Each output can be driven from a signal derived from any digital input, digital variable, analogue input or time clock.
  • The switches can handle loads of 100mA with voltages up to 25Volts.

Digital Variables

  • 48 digital variables accept outputs from the internal functions.
  • All digital variables can be used as inputs to any function.
  • 2 logical OR functions allowing combining of variables.


  • 256kbytes of logging memory.
  • Each analogue input can be selectively logged.
  • Each digital counter can be selectively logged.
  • All log entries are time stamped with a resolution of 1 second.
  • All alarms are logged.
  • All re-program events are logged.
  • All changes to the input limits are logged together with the users phone number.
  • Logging intervals selectable from 5 minutes to 1 hour synchronised to cardinal times with optional capability to log at rates from 5 seconds to 255 seconds interval in 1 second steps.
  • Logging rate can be controlled by any digital input, digital variable, analogue input or time clock.
  • Capability to output logged data as a csv style frame each time a logged sample is stored.


  • Can be supplied in a DIN rail mounted housing.
  • 151mm x 82.5mm x 12mm (H x W x L)
  • -20 to +50 degC. 5 to 95% humidity non-condensing.

Power supply

3.6VDC to 16VDC @ 40uA nominal. Current consumption varies depending on the configuration from 10uA up to about 50uA.


  • All electronics and power supplies can be mounted in plastic or metal sealed enclosures to meet environmental requirements.
  • No fans, heat sinks or other heat dissipation methods are required.
  • Field wiring connections can be provided through plugs, sockets or penetrations in the enclosure meeting expected environmental requirements.
  • Enclosures will be sized to accommodate the equipment to be housed.

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