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WilComm | Direct

Supplier: Wilkinson Electronic Document Solutions

WilComm Direct is ideal for businesses with specific electronic form printing requirements.

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Send application output to the WilComm virtual printer, where it is merged with superb electronic forms and printed or turned into PDF files. It's perfect for sites requiring quality electronic forms printing for a fraction of the price of fully featured solutions.

Electronic forms and your ERPWilComm Direct electronic forms software automates the process of creating and printing invoices, purchase orders and other high-volume forms. It helps businesses achieve greater efficiency and productivity whilst reducing document printing costs and simplifying the creation of professional-looking forms.

Reduces or eliminates the need for expensive pre-printed stationery, which in turn reduces paper wastage
Automation of document management processes improves staff productivity
Use of company-standard forms ensures accuracy and presents a consistent professional image
Full support for all languages, including Asian characters, facilitates international operations
Platform, printer and application-independent solution ensures integration with existing IT infrastructure
Simple Forms Design and PrintingWilComm Direct automates the creation of electronic documents from your application by printing to a WilComm Virtual Printer. Electronic forms are generated and sent to the defined Windows print device.

Setup is a simple, 3-stage process:

1. Design the form
Design your own form or use one of the supplied form templates, which provides for easy insertion of your company details, including logo. WilComm's Forms Designer offers an intuitive, WYSIWYG method to create forms. It's easy to draw boxes and tables, and also allows the dynamic display of graphics such as logos, signatures and bar codes. Forms may be designed for output in either landscape or portrait format.

2. Map the data
WilComm processes the same data/spool file that you would normally print to pre-printed/continuous stationery. Map the data from your existing spool file to match the form variables, and your fields are populated automatically within the electronic form.

3. Setup the Virtual Printer
The WilComm Direct virtual printer needs to know 3 things:

  • Whether to print to a specific printer or create a PDF file
  • What form to use
  • What mapping definition to use

WilComm Direct can print to any Windows-based print device on the network. PDF files can also be created & stored electronically in a network folder; the files are named and numbered automatically to avoid duplication.

Integration with Existing IT InfrastructureDeveloped by Wilkinson, an independent software vendor, WilComm Direct is platform, printer and application-independent. It supports all standard operating environments, including OS/400, UNIX, Mainframe and Windows. By integrating seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure there is no need for costly programming changes or upgrades. WilComm Direct prints to any Windows-based print device, including laser, inkjet, barcode, thermal, dot matrix and till slip printers. Most common text-based ERP, financial and business applications, including MAPICS, BPCS, IMAS are supported.

Technical Information

  • Input Source: Text
  • Application Input: Applications with text output (MAPICS, BPCS, IMAS, etc) and many others, please ask!
  • Output: Printer - PDF - Text


  •  Win 2000/XP/2003
  •  512Mb RAM minimum
  •  200Mb available hard disk space