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WilComm | Email Module

Supplier: Wilkinson Electronic Document Solutions

The WilComm Email Module allows WilComm documents such as purchase orders, invoices and other application output and reports to be emailed automatically through any SMTP or MAPI (Microsoft® Outlook®) mail server.

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The use of electronic forms merging and on-demand emailing reduces or eliminates the need for expensive mail houses, which in turn reduces paper wastage.

Sending email with electronic forms also helps to present a consistent, professional image. Company design standards are easier to enforce, and templates can be updated as often as required by internal staff easily.

Document Distribution with WilComm + Email Module

The Email module is a component of the WilComm document output management suite. Once you have set up your document or form in WilComm, distribution rules allows you to assign a delivery method to each job. By intelligent inspection of files and their attributes, WilComm determines where and how to send each message. Email addresses are extracted directly from applications, databases or spool files.


Send WilComm documents via email in the following formats:

  • PDF, Text, CSV, XLS attachment,
  • Text in the body of the email
  • Build personalised subject line & message body dynamically.
  • PDF Encryption with dynamic passwords provide your clients with added security & peace of mind.
  • Notification of email success/failure status
  • No change to your programs. Queues are automatically monitored and sent by WilComm's Email module via your company's mail server.

Forms Merging

Electronic forms merging provides flexibility and control over manual sending. Emailed documents from the Email Module include graphics, bar codes, logos and rotated text. Perform calculations on the fly to generate dynamic output and provide your customers with the information they need. This enables you to create intelligent documents, with personalised subject & message text for your end users. These controls are provided to ensure that all the creativity that goes into designing a form is retained and enhanced in high quality emailed output. Pre-printed stationery is no longer required.

Multi-Platform Support

Provides email services for multiple platforms, including Windows, UNIX, OS/400, mainframe so you can leverage your investment for an enterprise-wide solution. The Email module works just like a system printer. No expensive programming or application changes are required.

Status Reporting

Full management of customer communication is available via a browser. Any messages unable to be submitted to mail server issues a "not sent" warning to the author or administrator. This allows you to resend individual emails easily to alternate addresses.


Wilkinson products:

  • WilComm Server

Operating Environment:

  • Win 2000/XP/2003
  • 512Mb RAM minimum
  • 10Gb available hard disk space

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