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WilComm | Excel Spreadsheet Builder

Supplier: Wilkinson Electronic Document Solutions

The WilComm Excel Spreadsheet Builder - an optional software add-on for WilComm - enables business reports to be created in native Excel format from both iSeries (AS/400) spool files and MS Windows print jobs, using all the features commonly available in Excel.


These include cell formatting, formulae, graphs and pivot tables. Once distributed, the report data can be further manipulated in Excel to provide more in-depth analysis as required.


  • Saves the time-wasting transcription of financial data from printed reports into spreadsheets
  • Ensures accuracy by avoiding the transcription errors that often occur when manually typing figures from a printed report
  • Enables distribution of concise, analytical reports to key business stakeholders e.g. summary graphs and tables rather than multi-page printed reports
  • Distribution in Excel spreadsheet format allows further manipulation of data if required
  • Double byte character set capability allows creation of reports in Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages
  • Integration with WilComm document output management suite ensures full automation and production of Excel files in just a few seconds

Key Features

  • Automatically creates Excel reports from iSeries (AS/400) spool files and MS Windows print jobs
  • Correctly formats columns of data using existing cell properties, formulae, graphs and pivot tables
  • Extracts only the spool text data that is required; filters allow fine-tuned removal of unwanted page and column headings
  • Includes or removes fields and lines based on simple rules e.g. do/do not contain certain values; remove sub-totals; avoid blank lines
  • Automatically emails iSeries (AS/400) spool files and MS Windows print jobs as Excel attachments, or files them on network folders (using the WilComm email and file modules)
  • Repositions negative symbols (CR or -) to conform with Excel
  • Auto-duplicate selected report or page heading data into subsequent rows, until the value next changes
  • Centralised storage of Excel template masters allows easy access and sharing with other staff members


Wilkinson products:

  • WilComm Server
  • Email Module and/or File Module

Operating Environment:


  • Windows 2000/XP/2003
  • MS Excel 2000 or higher
  • 512Mb RAM minimum
  • 200Mb available hard disk space


Supports output from both iSeries (AS/400) and MS Windows applications, including MAPICS, BPCS, IMAS, SAP Business One and JDE.
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