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WilComm | Fax Module

Supplier: Wilkinson Electronic Document Solutions

The WilComm Fax Module allows WilComm documents such as purchase orders, invoices, statements and other high volume forms or reports to be faxed automatically, without human intervention.

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It offers greater flexibility in document distribution by enabling documents to be delivered more quickly and at a lower cost than traditional "print and post" methods, since mail delays, postage costs, handling and printing costs can all be reduced. In cases where documents were previously faxed manually, employee productivity can also be improved.

Fax Distribution with WilComm + Fax Module
The Fax Module is an optional component of the WilComm document output management suite. When a document is generated from your application output it is sent automatically to WilComm, where distribution rules assign a delivery method to each job. By intelligent inspection of files and their attributes, WilComm determines that the document should be sent by fax and extracts the fax addressing details. WilComm then merges the document with the appropriate electronic form and sends it to the fax server for transmission.

SMTP Fax Distribution with WilComm + Email Module
SMTP faxing (using msXfax server), is provided by the WilComm Email Module. This sends the document in PDF format to Microsoft Exchange Server, where it is converted to TIF format and sent on to msXfax for transmission.

Integration with Existing Infrastructure
WilComm is designed to work with all standard platforms - UNIX, Mainframe, PC and System i (iSeries). Fax capability requires no changes to the host application code.

Fax addressing details are extracted directly from spool files, applications or external databases. Multiple phone books, both private and shared, can be used. Output queues are automatically monitored and fax jobs sent without the need for human intervention. WilComm supports the use of multiple lines and fax servers for automated, enterprise faxing.

Send Options
Send options include setting priorities for different document types or users, choice of fine or normal resolution, faxing both with and without a cover page, failure notification by email, retention of sent faxes.

Cover Pages & Attachments
Users have the option to customise the cover page layout and personalise content using variable data (i.e. contact name, invoice number etc.). Alternatively, the cover page facilities within the enterprise fax server software may be used directly.

Status Reporting
The WilComm Message List provides job tracking features such as transmission history, viewing, delivery confirmation, failure notifications, resending, intelligent retransmissions after fax failures including retransmission of failed pages only. Alternatively, the status reporting tools provided by your fax server software may also be used. 


Wilkinson products:

  • WilComm Server
  • Fax Module

Operating Environment:

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003
  • 512Mb RAM minimum
  • 200Mb available hard disk space

Fax Server Compatibility:

  • MESSAGEmanager (supplied with one fax line)
  • MS Fax Server
  • MsXfax

Fax Card Compatibility:

  • Intel Dialogic
  • Brooktrout
  • Eicon Diva
  • TAPI compatible modem

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