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Wind Turbine Monitoring - DDAU II & WTG Analyzer

Supplier: Noise and Vibration Measurement Systems

Keeping the wind turbine generators running reliably is more important today than ever before. The demands for fast, reliable delivery, production flexibility and increasing product quality are compounded by an industry-wide reduction of maintenance budgets, personnel and a lack of specialists.

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This results in a significant loss of on-site knowledge and experience in condition monitoring. Despite this, the operators have to keep increasingly stressed machines running longer and with greater output.

In addition is the condition monitoring of wind turbine generators not a trivial task - as the extreme dynamical forces, together with flexible structures, produce complex vibration patterns.

A dedicated developed vibration monitoring systems is necessary and the vibrations must automatically be monitored to alarm limits which is dependent of continuously changing operational parameters.

Based on the experience from hundreds of remotely monitored on-and offshore wind turbine generators it is our experience that only in such a way can a large amount of vibration data be converted into facts, and these facts can then be transformed into actionable information.

An effective remote monitoring system coupled with an external surveillance and diagnosis centre can then bridge the gap between achieving greater uptime with less investment.

The “back-office” service part of the surveillance centre must monitor the current health of wind turbine, analyzes and diagnoses any changes, determines the severity of the developing faults, and gives a prognosis for planning maintenance ahead of time.

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