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Window Film

Supplier: Smart Solar Energy

Window Film is an amazing product offering consumers many benefits.

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Window film is made from Polyester, which is a durable, tough, highly flexible, absorbs little moisture, and has high and low temperature resistances.

Window film can be manufactured and converted to specifically suit the clients requirements in terms of Solar Energy eficiencies, thermal performance, safety, security and aesthetics. Polyester film can be metallized or dyed to produce a wide variety of colored or spectrally selective films.

Safety films usually have one or more layers of clear polyester film laminated to form a tough, durable productranging from 4-Mil to 15-Mil in thickness compared to Solar control film which is usually 1-Mil to 1.5-Mil.

Double glazing alternative?

Window films provide energy efficient solutions all year round. Compared to most traditional shading devices its a cost effective product that provides many benefits to the consumer.

Today's high tech window films with low-e, improves insulation and Thermal performance, as a guide, and dependent on type of window film,  a single pane of glass installed with Smart Solar Energy's premium Solar film is equivalent to Double glazing performance at almost a quarter of the price.

When Solar film is applied to double glazed windows, their thermal performance can increase to that of "triple" or better.

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