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Window Welding Made Easy!

Supplier: Hanna Mig Pty Ltd
23 June, 2009

Window welding has seen a huge leap forward recently with the HannaMig Gas Diffuser, the latest technology in gas stream mig welding.

Window welding is made easy with the new T-Series Mig Torch from HannaMig®, which includes the HannaMig® Gas Lens Diffuser and Flexeneck™, due to the unique gas stream which allows for extended stick out of up to 40mm* from the weld pool. The gas stream being linear to the filler wire ensures the span and length of cover is maintained whilst stick out is maximised. The operator is able to see the piece more clearly, enhancing control and all with only one hand!

An improved process over the traditional TIG process for window welds on two levels, 1) TIG results in diminished access given the requirement of the operator to get the torch head and the filler wire inside the tube whilst ensuring neither the filler wire nor tungsten tip come in contact with one another and/or the work piece, and 2) the increased level of difficulty of operation with possible contamination of the tube/pipe with tungsten inclusions or contamination of the tungsten welding tip from contact with the filler wire may result in failure of x-ray testing. These problems are solved with the HannaMig® T-Series Mig Torch which enables window welds to be completed 2-3 times faster than traditional TIG welding and with 100% x-ray quality pass rates.

With the confined window area available to the skilled tradesperson, window welds are traditionally left to the highest skilled. The ability to produce x-ray quality welds on the inner window weld area has proven to be a tedious and difficult process. Those days are over, with the HannaMig® T-Series Mig Torch.

Consider the HannaMig® process next time you require x-ray quality welding on time and on budget! *40mm achieved using the GD200 fitted with 57N74 nozzle. GD140 achieves up to 30mm, GD120 achieves up to 25mm.