With Loadrite 30 tonnes is 30 tonnes

Supplier: Trimble (including LOADRITE products)
18 March, 2013

Fulton Hogan, the contractor for a new 23km highway development near Tauranga requiring over 2 million cubic meters of imported fill, approached Paengaroa Sands Ltd to supply fill for the project.

The problem
Paengaroa Sands Ltd currently estimates load size then uses a weighbridge (truck scales) located 12km away. Over or under loaded trucks cannot be identified until they reach these scales and by then no adjustments can be made. To make things worse, all trucks must travel past a police check point in order to get to the weigh-bridge (truck scales).

This route has seen a number of companies suffer overloading tickets. Before Richard Scowan, the manager of Paengaroa Sands Ltd, could even consider taking the job he needed a way to find out the payload on site.

The solution

Loadrite installed the X-2350 on board scales to the excavators loading the trucks transporting the fill. The real-time weight information of each load ensures trucks are loaded to their maximum possible weight, without fear of overloading fines at the police check point.

"Loadrite gave us the confidence to bid for the contract" said Richard.

The alternative was installing a weigh-bridge or scanner on site, a significant investment that would force them to turn down the job.

"For simplicity and value for money it’s the only option" said Richard, "it's the reason I could take the project; It pays for itself every month 10 times."

Loading each truck to its maximum legal capacity has reduced the number trips required to haul the same amount of fill. When you take into account the round trip of 50km, the savings quickly stack up from one or two less trips per day.

"The return on investment has been tenfold” says Richard.

Not to mention the peace of mind the system provides at the police check point. Richard also loves the fact that if he sells his excavator he doesn’t lose the technology, but can take it with him.

Paengaroa Sands now use the Loadrite printed docket detailing the load as a receipt for Fulton Hogan.

"It a key bloody thing in my business; Companies want to know they are getting exactly what they pay for. With the Loadrite system when we go in with a 30 tonne truck, they get 30 tonne; we get paid for 30 tonne. It's simple," says Richard.

Fulton Hogan is aware of the accuracy and reliability of the Loadrite system, making payments according to Loadrite data. The technology of Loadrite is second to none, yet it's not a complicated device for operators to use, as Richard says.

"It's not rocket science, I just give my operators easy instructions to follow."

The simple functionality and self-explanatory symbols make Richard confident that all his operators, old and new, can utilise the system to its full potential, reaping all the rewards the product has to offer.
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