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WLAN Survey

Supplier: Integrated Automation

Is your wireless network important to your business? Do you suspect your wireless access points aren't working as well as they should? Alternatively, would WiFi access in your plant mobilise and enable your staff?

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Wireless LANs are prolific, and competing for a limited radio bandwidth. With just three non-overlapping channels in the 2.4GHz range, it is probable that one of your neighbour's or adjacent office's WLAN will be clashing with your own.

You probably already know what other access points are in the area - your OS offers them to you when you connect to your own WLAN. Are they however affecting you, and what can you do about it?

Equipped with the latest spectrum analysers and diagnostic software, we can tell you:

  • Not only what other access points are in your neighbourhood, but the WiFi channel they are using, and the likelihood and severity of the effect on your own wireless network's performance.
  • Suitability of current security settings – encryption and authentication
  • Radio Frequency Interference severity from other 2.4GHz sources – microwave ovens, portable phones, wireless monitors, and exactly where they are with our highly directional snooping antenna.
  • Presence of intermittent interference causing unexplained dropouts and performance loss
  • Dead-spots in multi-access point systems, like mines, factories and commercial areas.
  • Presence of rogue and stealth access points – the ones you don't even know are in use!
  • How to create a site radio signature for comparison in the future when problems arise
  • Ensure any new installation is designed and configured correctly.
  • Topographic heat-map showing the variation of not only absolute signal strength, but more importantly SNR. Equipped with GPS for accurate position mapping for outdoor installations.
  • If your antenna alignment is optimal

Don't persist with inadequate wireless network services when solutions can be simple or relatively inexpensive.  Call Integrated Automation on 1300 INT AUT (1300 468 288), or submit an enquiry to discuss your situation.