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Wood Chippers - BC1200XL

Supplier: Vermeer

Feature: Dual-horizontal offset feed rollers

Price Guide: POA

Benefit: The feed roller system improves performance by aggressively grabbing and feeding material to the drum. The lower roller offset helps the upper feed roller climb over big logs and branchy material.

Feature: Hydraulic down-pressure on upper feed roller and manual crush power
Benefit: Down-pressure on the feed roller provides the ability to crush material to help feed them to the drum. It also improves the feed roller 'bite' into material to help with feeding.

Feature: Crush power adjustment
Benefit: Allows the operator the flexibility to adjust hydraulic flow between the lower feed roller and crush power when the control lever is stroked.

Feature: Clutchless PTO
Benefit: Premature wear to the belt-drive system is reduced by preventing high idle engagement of the cutter drum.

Feature: Removable winch line choker
Benefit: With the chain choker detached, the line will not sling the chain at high speed toward the winch operator standing at the side of the machine, in the unlikely event that the winch line is caught by feeding brush and pulled into the chipper knives. Detached choker is also more easily attached to log than hook-on cable designs.

Feature: 7000 lb (3175.1 kg) capacity axle
Benefit: Machine weight-to-axle capacity ratio is low. This improves towing performance and reliability of the axle.

Feature: Convenient operator controls
Benefit: Controls are close to the work area at the infeed of the chipper.

Feature: Dual-pump hydraulic system
Benefit: The dual-pump system design improves feed system performance vs. a single pump system because the feed rollers always have hydraulic pressure and therefore processing force available at all times, even when using the hydraulic crush.

Feature: SmartFeed
Benefit: This exclusive system from Vermeer helps increase operator productivity and reduces strain on vital engine parts, as rpm settings are adjustable and automatically monitored. Three rpm settings offer improved versatility for varying applications.

Feature: Bottom Feed Stop Bar
Benefit: Helps to increase operator safety while feeding material.

Feature: Winch interlock storage hook
Benefit: Winch interlock hook stores the winch line out of the normal material flow and protects it from being snagged and pulled into the chipper at high speed during normal operation. It also prevents simultaneous pulling out of the winch line while the feed rollers are operating, reducing the likelihood of the line being snagged and pulled into the chipper at high speed.

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