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Wood Heater, Combustion Oven Door Seals & Gaskets

Supplier: Future Thermal

We have a full range of fireproof door seals and door gaskets suitable for your wood heater or combustion oven.

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Fireproof fiberglass gaskets are used around the doors and/or glass windows to help assure optimal burning by stopping air leaks into your stove. Properly installed gasketing will greatly improve burn times on wood stoves and help keep stove glass cleaner.

To choose the diameter for replacement, measure the channel into which the gasket will be installed, or measure the existing gasket for best replacement size. Deep channels should use round rope gasketing while flatter channels should use tape gasket.

Door Seal / Gasket Installation

To install the gasket, remove the door and place it on cardboard or cloth to prevent scratching of the finish. Pull out the existing gasket; on some stoves you'll have to disassemble the door to get the gasket out. Clean the gasket groove with an old screwdriver to remove any lumps of old cement.

Clean the groove thoroughly with course steel wool so that it provides a good clean surface for the cement to stick to.

Using cement or silicone, apply a narrow (usually 6mm to 13mm wide, depending on gasket size) bead along the entire groove. Lay the gasket in the groove without stretching or bunching it, starting on a long straight part of the groove. Cut the gasket slightly long so that the ends can be tucked into each other forming a good seal. Press the gasket into the cement.

Mount the door and test the seal. Slamming the door lightly, you should hear the muffled sound of the gasket, not metal, hitting the stove body; and thats it your done!

Our oven door seals / gaskets are the highest quality and supplied in 2 meter handy packs or sold by the meter. 

If you need help selecting the right door seal or gasket for your wood heater or combustion oven please call or use IndustrySearch email for a direct reply.