Woodworking Machines

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Woodworking machinery is used to process-cut, carve, grind, or shape wood. These machines are used to improve the efficiency and hasten the production process. Woodworking machinery also helps to reduce the noise and vibrations which are generated during manual operations. The surface quality or smoothness achieved is high when compared with processes involving manual tools.

Woodworking machinery commonly used are table saws, panel saws, CNC routers, chain and chisel mortisers, planers, shapers, thicknessers, spindle molders and dust collectors. CNC routers are advanced machinery that have tool changing capacities, and are equipped with sand, trimming and drilling tools. Chain and chisel mortisers are equipment used to produce a hole on a piece of wood, and have the capacity to regulate the depth of the hole.

Suppliers listed on the website provide new, as well as used woodworking machinery. Depending on the application the suppliers can offer a wide range of machinery with support in selection, installation, maintenance and spare parts.

Tools for Woodworking
Carba-Tec offers the largest range of woodworking machinery, machine accessories, router bits and hand tools you’ll find in Australia and New Zealand. Whether it’s cabinetmaking, woodturning, pyrography, clamping, gluing and finishing, carving or framing that you’re involved in, we provide a huge range of premier quality tools and friendly, helpful advice that will help ensure that your next ...
Woodworking Machinery
Tuckwell Machinery Pty Ltd was started by Mark Tuckwell primarily as a maintenance and repair business servicing the woodworking industry. Many of his customers, impressed with the level of service they were treated too asked whether he could supply woodworking machinery to them as well as maintain them. This prompted him to enter the sale of woodworking machinery as an extra service to his ...
Industrial Woodworking Machines
Tradition – Innovation – Perfection: A risk-free decision Woodworking machines from the FELDER-GROUP are the result of the 50 years experience in machine construction and a desire to improve even further. Tradition Machine construction and metal processing have been tradition in the Felder family for generations.Our woodworking machines are 100% developed and produced at the Felder Group ...
Sawmill, Timber Milling
Lucas Mill firmly believes in providing high quality products at affordable prices. Founded on the intention to expand the horizons of landholders and small-medium forestry operators, Lucas Mill was established with the objectives of developing a timber-milling machine that was: Simple to operate, Affordable without compromising quality, and Versatile with regards to its ability to be used in ...