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Work Holders - SYIC

Supplier: Precision Specialty Tooling

A range of SYIC Work Holders can be supplied by Precision Specialty Tooling.

Price Guide: POA

Item:                    Description:
SY82001             Live Center 1MT 3000Rpm
SY82002             Live Center 2MT 2800Rpm
SY82003             Live Center 3MT 2000Rpm
SY82004             Live Center 4MT 1500Rpm
SY82005             Live Center 5MT 1000Rpm
SY82006             Live Center 6MT 800Rpm
SY82900             Adapter NT30 x 2 MT M12 x 1.75 drawbar thread
SY82901             Adapter NT30 x 3 MT M12 x 1.75 drawbar thread
SY82902             Adapter NT40 x 2 MT M16 x 2.0 drawbar thread
SY82903             Adapter NT40 x 3 MT M16 x 2.0 drawbar thread
81512                  Arbor NT30 x B16 M12 x 1.75
81533                  Arbor NT30 x JT3 M12 x 1.75
81533-IMP          Arbor NT30 x JT3 1/2-12
81536                  Arbor NT30 x JT6 M12 x 1.75
81536-IMP          Arbor NT30 x JT6 1/2-12
81513                  Arbor NT40 x B16 M16 x 2.0
81543                  Arbor NT40 x JT3 M16 x 2.0
81543-IMP          Arbor NT40 x JT3 5/8-11
81546                  Arbor NT40 x JT6 M16 x 2.0
81546-IMP          Arbor NT40 x JT6 5/8-11
81514                  Arbor NT50 x B16 M24 x 3.0
16524                  Arbor BT40 x JT6 M16 x 2.0

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