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Work related fatalities are on the way down

Supplier: WheelieSafe
22 October, 2017

After peaking in 2007 at 310, the number of deaths has declined almost steadily to 182 in 2016 – a reduction of almost one third.

The incidence rate, or number of fatalities per 100 000 workers, has declined even more rapidly – almost halving (or by 49%).

Men are by far the most vulnerable comprising 168 (or 92%) of the total of 182 fatalities in 2016. The fatality rate for men was 2.6/100 000 workers whereas it was only 0.3% for women.

In 2016, Northern Territory was the most dangerous place to work with a fatality rate of 3.8/100 000 workers and, as would be expected, ACT was the safest with a rate of only 0.5.

The older you are the more vulnerable you become. Workers 65 and over had a fatality rate of 5.3/100 000 workers and the next worst category were those 55-64, but the rate had halved to 2.6. This was almost twice the rates experienced in the three youngest age categories which ranged from 0.8 to 1.2.