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Work towards a Greener future - with GreenTech Sprayers

Supplier: GreenTech Australia
27 June, 2010

With a GreenTech spray system you can help fight the battle against CO2 emissions.

Your carbon footprint is the total amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses emitted over the full life of a product or service used. It is expressed as grams of CO2 equivalents, which accounts for the different global warming effects of different greenhouse gasses.

Because GreenTech spray systems are electrically driven they require less tractor horse-power to create more air volume and canopy penetration, and therefore burn less fuel than any other commercially available spray system.

Over the life of the sprayer, a GreenTech spray system is far more environmentally friendly than anything else on the market today!

Help save the planet and your own business future by working towards a carbon neutral status on your farm by using a GreenTech spray system in your vineyard or orchard today. Contact us to find out more.