Workshop maintenance sets from Larzep Australia

Supplier: Larzep Australia
23 July, 2012

Larzep Australia presents a range of workshop maintenance sets in various combinations comprising up to 27 components, and capacities of up to 20T.

Manufactured to European standards, Larzep's workshop maintenance sets provide a complete solution for any maintenance application. 

Combining a set with a hydraulic pump, cylinder and hose transforms it into a set of highly specific tools designed to be used in diverse applications. Most individual tools are also available separately. 

The high quality workshop maintenance sets come in a tough steel case. Available in 5T, 10T and 20T models, the maintenance sets allow a variety of pushing, separating, joining, lifting, compressing, stretching and fixing operations to be executed with ease. 

All tools are fully complemented by Larzep's range of hydraulic pumps. 

Larzep Australia operates through a nationwide network of authorised distributors to provide local expertise and support.