Would your business benefit from a Carton Sealing Machine?

Supplier: Packline Solutions By: Conrad Dysktra
29 October, 2019

Carton sealing machines are so widely used as they create time saving efficiencies in busy packing areas by sealing both the top and bottom of boxes quickly and efficiently.

Transport packaging has become essential to growing businesses across Australia. For smaller enterprises, manual methods such as tape and glue sealing may be suitable for smaller orders, however as your business grows so does the production and distribution requirements. The need for efficient and reliable packing solutions is critical to the distribution process, so unless you have an effective carton sealing process in place it can become increasingly difficult for your business to keep up with supply and demand.

Therefore, to boost productivity and efficiency, and to maximise the potential profitability of your business, we strongly recommend investing in a carton sealing machine or machines.

Outlined below are some of the key reasons why you should invest in one today:

Automation Qualities of Carton Sealing Machines

Precision is just one of the winning features of an automated process. When you automate your sealing methods, you reduce the need to oversee elements of the process, such as ensuring a flat and clean tape surface.

Invest in carton sealing equipment and the machine will do all the work for you with incomparable efficiency including:

  • An increase in the sealing rate
  • A cleaner, more effectual appearance
  • The elimination of multiple taping which increase risk of injury

Increased Output

Sealing boxes is a key task that distribution businesses do daily and can be extremely time-consuming and costly if done manually. Carton Sealing Machines:

  • Increase the number of cartons sealed every day
  • Speed up the entire process and enhance production rates without the need for increased staffing costs or larger facilities.

Save on Costs

  • A decrease in tape costs and wastage. When sealing is done manually, more tape is wasted than necessary.
  • Elimination of product damage that can be caused from staples, glue and potential pilfering
  • Reduction in employee costs and lost time caused by injuries sustained through repetitive labour such as; repetitive strain injury (RSI), fatigue and carpal tunnel syndrome.