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Wrought Alloys - 1xxx Pure Al

Supplier: Calm Aluminium

Wrought Alloys 1xxx series are strain-hardenable, but would not be used where strength is a prime consideration.

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Wrought Alloys - 1xxx - Pure Al

  • Strain hardenable;
  • High formability, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity;
  • Electrical, chemical applications;
  • Representative designations: 1100,1350;
  • Typical ultimate tensile strength range:10-27 ksi.

The 1xxx series represents the commercially pure aluminum, ranging from the baseline 1100 (99.00% min. Al) to relatively purer 1050/1350 (99.50% min. Al) and 1175 (99.75 % min. Al).Some like 1350 which is used especially for electrical applications, have relatively tight controls on those impurities that might lower electrical conductivity.

Rather the emphasis would be on those applications where extremely high corrosion resistance, formability and /or electrical conductivity are required,e.g., foil and strip for packaging, chemical equipment, tank car or truck bodies, spun hollowware, and elaborate sheet metal work.