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Wrought Alloys 2xxx - Al-Cu Alloys

Supplier: Calm Aluminium

Wrought Alloys 2xxx series are heat-treatable, and possess in individual alloys good combinations of high strength (especially at elevated temperatures), toughness and in specific cases, weldability. They are not resistant to atmospheric corrosion, and so are usually painted or clad in such exposures.

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Wrought Alloys 2xxx - Al-Cu Alloys

  • Heat treatable
  • High strength, at room & elevated temperatures
  • Aircraft, transportation applications
  • Representative alloys:2014,2017, 2024,2219,2195
  • Typical ultimate tensile strength range:27-62 ksi

The higher strength 2xxx alloys are primarily used for aircraft (2024) and truck body (2014) applications;these are usually used in bolted or riveted construction. Specific members of the series (e.g.,2219 and 2048) are readily welded, and so are used for aerospace applications where that is the preferred joining method.

Alloy 2195 is a new Li-bearing alloy for space applications providing very high modulus of elasticity along with high strength and weldability.There are also high-toughness versions of several of the alloys (e.g.,2124, 2324,2419), which have tighter control on the impurities that may diminish resistance to unstable fracture, all developed specifically for the aircraft industry. Alloys 2011,2017, and 2117 are widely used for fasteners and screw-machine stock.

Illustrations of applications for the 2xxxx series alloys include:

  • Aircraft internal structure includes extrusions and plate of 2xxx and 7xxx alloys like 2024,2124 and 2618. External sheet skin may be alclad 2024 or 2618;the higher purity cladding provides corrosion protection to the Al-Cu alloys that will darken with age otherwise.
  • Heavy dump and tank trucks and trailer trucks employ 2xxx extrusions for their structural members.
  • The fuel tanks and booster rockets of the Space Shuttle are 2xxx alloys, originally 2219 and 2419,now sometimes Al-Li “Weldalite”alloy 2195.

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