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Wrought Alloys - 8xxx Alloys with Al+Other Elements

Supplier: Calm Aluminium

Wrought Alloys 8xxx series is used for those alloys with lesser used alloying elements such as Fe,Ni and Li. Each is used for the particular characteristics it provides the alloys.

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Wrought Alloys - 8xxx Alloys with Al+Other Elements

  • Heat treatable
  • High conductivity, strength, hardness
  • Electrical,aerospace,bearing applications
  • Representative alloys: 8017,8176, 8081,8280,8090
  • Typical ultimate tensile strength range:17-35 ksi

Fe and Ni provide strength with little loss in electrical conductivity and so are used in a series of alloys represented by 8017 for conductors.Li in alloy 8090 provides exceptionally high strength and modulus and so this alloy is used for aerospace applications where increases in stiffness combined with high strength reduces component weight.