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X-Edition extends safety & user-friendliness of torque wrench range

Supplier: Enerpac
12 May, 2015

A world leader in professional bolting technologies, Enerpac, has extended the safety and durability of its globally proven square drive and hexagon cassette torque wrenches with its new X-Edition incorporating additional features that make them easier to use while achieving more uptime.

The latest X-Editions of Enerpac's S square drive and W series low profile hexagon cassette series features a stronger, more durable and safer connection between tool body and manifold, along with a dual plane swivel manifold that features interlocking arms to increase robustness and safety.

Both the new square and hexagonal drive X-Edition wrenches also feature tough upgraded handles featuring one-piece design with metal inlays for positive location, as well as an optional ergonomic straight handle design to ensure safety and avoid potential pinch point situations for operators.

The hexagonal drive X types also features a top handle mount on cassettes to help operators attain easier handling of narrow access applications while keeping hands away from pinch points. Productivity is enhanced on the square drive X types by wider reaction arm release levers, making operation simpler in gloved hands.

Productivity is also facilitated by engraved tool markings on the wrenches, including direction-of-turn for tightening or loosening with the square drive series. The angle-of-turn indicator on the square drive tools dramatically decreases the operational time for tightening each bolt gets the job done right first time, says Enerpac.

Every Enerpac torque wrench also now comes with a certificate of performance (calibration), which provides end users with assurance that the tool meets the stated performance expectations.

All X-Edition S series wrenches and W-series cassettes are tested and certified during the assembly process. All wrenches are marked with a serial number, which is engraved in the tool itself.

"Certification is critical to safety and a prerequisite to traceability of bolting performance in tasks such as fabrication and maintenance," says Enerpac.

"Precise results in bolting tasks can be relied upon only if all bolting system components have been properly tested and certificated to ensure that bolting systems deliver the precision and repeatability required for assurances of joint integrity."

Constant improvement and compatibility

"The new features – including additional enhancements below – are the result of extensive proving of Enerpac torque wrenches in the field in Australasia and globally," says Enerpac.

"Although the X-Edition torque wrenches feature many innovations, current S&W-Series torque wrench users will have no problem incorporating these tools into existing tool fleets, and prices for the X-Edition tools will not increase over the standard S&W line."

"X-Edition cassettes and drive units are compatible with standard drive units and cassettes. While some parts are unique to the new X-Edition tools, Enerpac will continue to provide service parts for existing tools. The standard S- and W-Series line will eventually be fully replaced by the new X-Edition tools."

"This ongoing response to user preferences is part of an evolutionary process of product improvement engineered to maintain Enerpac global leadership in professional bolting technologies for key industries (such as mining and energy, oil and gas, metal working and manufacturing, transport and maintenance, building and construction, engineering and infrastructure, including pipelines and water and waste water industries).

Enerpac W series torque wrenches weigh from only 1.4-12kg yet have terrific and precisely repeatable torque from 2712-47450 Nm. They are complemented by the equally versatile S series of double-acting square drive wrenches, which extends from 2.7-31kg with outputs of 1898-34079 Nm.

Enerpac offers complete families of advanced bolting technologies to handle the toughest jobs dished out by industries such as construction, infrastructure, mining and energy, oil and gas; including powerful, precise and reliable non-impact fastening of API flanges manufactured for high strength operating systems. Enerpac professional bolting technologies include:

  • Rigid steel Low profile and Square drive type torque wrenches with outstanding power to weight ratios
  • Full range of top quality sockets
  • Bolt Tensioners
  • Powerful and highly portable torque multipliers
  • Portable nut splitters
  • Efficient flange splitting and flange alignment tools
  • Tough, reliable energy-efficient pumps including
  • New-generation Z-class electric pump
  • New-generation Z-class air pump