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X Schedule

Supplier: Masternaut Three X

Scheduling should make things easier, not more difficult. That’s why we’ve developed X Schedule, a comprehensive solution that enables streamlined workflow, seamless communication and total visibility of your team.

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This exciting application enables you to assign jobs and transfer helpful job data in real-time to a driver’s mobile device, navigate the driver to the job, log his work activity and then capture the job outcome to be integrated into your back office system for quick and accurate processing.

Coupled with Masternaut Three X tracking you will have full visibility of your workforces activity which will enable you to monitor and improve their efficiency as well as maintain higher levels of customer service. And because you will have real-time visibility you can respond quickly to new opportunities and obstacles that could get in the way of staying on track.

X Schedule works though your secure Masternaut Three X web portal and mobile devices to enable your team in the office to dispatch jobs to the team on the road in real-time. Because X Schedule is a web-based application there is no investment in hardware, no complicated integration process and you will see immediate Return On Investment.

Using Masternaut Three X tracking data to identify the location of your workforce and the location of your jobs, the team in the office is able to assign jobs to the most appropriate member of your team on the road.

Job details are transmitted to a specific mobile device and X Schedule is able to navigate the driver to the job at the push of a single button. This eliminates address input and routing errors and ensures the most driver takes the most efficient route to each job.

Once at the job the worker uses X Schedule to log his working start time and finish time as well as capture the outcome of the job such as a signature and any action notes which are then transmitted back to the office electronically to be progressed through the system for quick and accurate billing and processing.

Your team in the office can use this real-time documentation to monitor progress throughout the day. If workers are running behind or ahead of schedule you will know ahead of time and can use this insight to reschedule jobs accordingly and keep customers informed, maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Benefits of X Schedule:

  • Increase productivity with smoother workflow.
  • Reduce fuel costs through optimising resources.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Improve cashflow through quicker invoicing processes.
  • Help create a paperless environment.
  • Increase efficiency through total operational visibility.