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X Trak Tracking System

Supplier: Masternaut Three X

Sometimes it’s the people you need to track, not just the vehicles. Whist our vehicle tracking will give you total visibility of your vehicles, including precisely where they are and what they’re doing, our PDA tracking solution goes a step further.

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With X Trak you can track your people even when they’re away from their vehicles, which is particularly useful if your operation takes a flexible approach to the use of vehicles, or if your people spend time out on site.

Now you can have total visibility of your people – helping you to unlock efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and fulfil your duty of care as an employer.

Working through the same simple and secure web-portal as our vehicle tracking system, you’ll enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Virtual EarthTM photographic mapping to give you an accurate, birds eye view of exactly where your people are and what they’re doing at any time. By monitoring your workforces step-by-step activity you can stay in control.

Movement sensors implanted in mobile devices transmit real-time global positioning data via mobile phone technology which is presented via our secure web-portal. Our intuitive interface has multiple viewing options so you can get the maximum insight from the data.

Our technology uses Microsoft Virtual EarthTM photographic mapping to provide the most simple birds-eye view of the exact location of every mobile device including the exact street address. Simple colour coding shows whether your people are stationary or in motion, and if they’re travelling you’ll also be able to see their speed.

This information means you can monitor driving behaviour to ensure your workforce is performing as cost efficiently as possible. And where there are opportunities for improvement you can use the data to make powerful management decisions.

Masternaut Three X tracking solutions provide total visibility of all your peoples activity including location, journey start times, speed, journey duration and journey end times. This gives you a complete picture of your workforces activity so you can identify opportunities for operational improvements.

As well as being able to see everyone’s location in real-time, with all your jobs and contacts mapped in the system you can quickly identify the person closest to any job, reducing response times and unnecessary mileage. This, along with your newfound insight will let you communicate with drivers and customers to manage their expectations and maintain customer satisfaction.

Alerts can be established to draw your attention to business critical circumstances so that you can respond quickly and minimise the impact on your business.

By alerting you if your people move outside a pre-defined area for example, you can manage work territories more easily. Alerting you to excessive speeding helps you minimise inefficient and unsafe driving behaviours. And by being made aware of late departures to or from appointments you can maintain customer satisfaction with good communication and re-scheduling.

The beauty of our solution is that these alerts can be tailored to your specific needs, and our team will work with you to establish the most business critical issues for you.

Benefits of X Trak Tracking System:

  • Real-time visibility of your people - even when they’re away from their vehicles.
  • Increase productivity and resource utilisation.
  • Improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary overtime costs.
  • Reduce mileage and fuel costs.
  • Improve customer satisfaction through improved communication and proactive management.