Xbright – all-round protection in a new light

Supplier: Doka Formwork Australia
15 April, 2013

The newly developed Framed enclosure Xbright for the Protection screen Xclimb 60 has passed its field trials with flying colours. The variable enclosure can be deployed on all high-rise projects – even those with inclined facades and varying layouts – to provide allround protection at any height.

Xbright can be fitted either with a new translucent but wind-impermeable and non-see-through polycarbonate inlay, or with a mesh inlay. This innovative system also satisfies stringent requirements regarding safety, economy and versatility.

The gapless Framed enclosure Xbright for the Protection screen Xclimb 60 makes for safe working conditions on the site, shielding the crew in the top levels of the rising structure from the wind and the weather. The self-climbing system is simple to adapt to varying layouts and inclinations, enabling it to be used on even very complex high-rise projects.

Two design variants

Depending on the requirements, users can choose between two different design variants, with frames that have either polycarbonate or mesh inlays. The wind-impermeable, non-see-through yellow polycarbonate inlays make possible a new quality of working, at any structure height. The tough plastic inlay is translucent, providing good natural daylighting inside enclosed work decks – even beneath floor-slab formwork. The frames with the close-meshed inlays are both translucent and air-permeable. The frames’ hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated finish promises a long service life.

In the same way as all other Doka safety systems, Xbright is easy to plan, use and operate. It is firmly linked to the structure at all times, ensuring safety even in windy conditions. Horizontal and vertical sealing strips prevent any items from being dropped, even while the screen is being raised.

All the benefits of the protection-screen system

The dimensionally stable frames are based on the field-proven grid logic of Doka’s framed formwork system Frami. They can be assembled on a modular basis, both on their sides and in the upright, to make large protection-screen units. The system’s three different widths of frame allow it to be adapted in a 0.15 m grid. The cross boreholes in the frames make it a quick and easy job to link the large-format system components. Other accessories can also be attached very quickly in the same way. Adjustable floor-mounted supports allow the system to be adapted to varying facade inclinations. The working platforms can be relocated to facilitate safe working, even when varying storey heights are encountered. The modular design concept of the large-format frames saves time and cuts costs.

A portable hydraulic system is available for Xclimb that saves crane time during the construction work and allows climbing to take place even when the floor-slab formwork is still in place and in winds of up to 72 km/h. Xclimb 60 can also be repositioned quickly by crane if desired. Integral loading platforms and the Table Lifting System TLS from Doka optimise the construction workflow by making it easy, safe and fast to reposition e.g. floor-slab formwork and workplace equipment. Optional pre-assembly of this fully rentable framed enclosure by Doka brings yetmore time- and cost-savings.