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Yes, we have a packing service too

Supplier: Aussie Crates By: Aussie Crates
26 August, 2009

Willing to pack at your site or on our premises, the Aussie Crates packing team is fast, effective and experienced in packing a diverse range of items

The team understands your requirements and knows your crate inside out allowing you to be confident that your item will be packed and braced safely and securely to reach its destination in the same condition it was sent.

Our newest packaging service includes heat shrink wrapping of sensitive cargo prior to the item going into the crate or alternatively, wrapping the entire crate. We offer power shrink wrap which are UV resistant to protect your items from the damaging rays.

Our other packaging services include:

  • Bubble Wrap- prevent scratches and shock
  • Cling Wrap- clear stretch and black stretch
  • Packing felt
  • Plastic Lining - basic prevention against dust and moisture
  • Steel strapping
  • Tar paper lining- extreme protection against moisture and dust
  • Foam lining- soft and hard
  • Intercept Stretch and Shrink - anti corrosive
  • Intercept anit-static bag
  • Plywood lining

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