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You want my what now?

Supplier: Mitrefinch Australia By: Katrina Hall
23 November, 2015

The wheels are turning. Things are moving.

The wheels are turning. Things are moving. You're sold on biometrics (finger scanners) for recording employee time and attendance. All the key players involved are thoroughly convinced of its many benefits, and on board too. Yes! Even upper management and finance are ready to go through with the valuable, and long-needed change.

The last stumbling block? A few valuable employees in your company have banded together and are resisting the new technology by raising issues of privacy – "You want my what now? Why should I give you my fingerprint?" and hygiene – "With everyone touching it, it will be filthy!"

You feel like you're very close to the finish line and more than ready to start reaping the benefits of a new system, but you are now feeling like you might not be able to move forward without upsetting these employees.

We can help. With skills honed over three decades of working with thousands of organisations, Mitrefinch's consultancy and planning services are designed to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of your workforce management software system. Over the years, we have encountered many of the issues you may come across when trying to implement a new system. Our expert consultants are able to assist with a variety of useful hints and tips for ensuring your staff happily embrace the new system, with only the most minimal of feather-ruffling along the way.

We've seen it time and again. Fortunately, the solutions are simple in many cases. In our experience, employee concerns tend to vanish after a brief system introduction and explanation is provided. Communication is key!

For example, it helps to understand that when an employee enrols via a Mitrefinch biometric clocking terminal, the system saves a mathematical representation of the fingerprint and then reproduces this as a template. It does not save the actual fingerprint, and thus preserves employee privacy and enhances security. With regards to the hygiene concern, we like to remind users that they are no more likely to pick up germs from a biometric reader than from other common objects like a doorknob or computer mouse. With regular cleaning as you do with any other surface in your workplace, there is no cause for concern.

Our experts can help you demystify the new technology, and oil the wheels for a smooth implementation. Get in touch with us today for more information.