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Your best defence against pothole warfare

Supplier: Road Construction Products
06 July, 2016

In the fight against the dreaded pothole, QPR pothole repair is the secret weapon off choice for caretakers across our rain-stricken nation.

It is in the depth of the wet season that potholes strike, attacking car tires, tipping hot coffee into the laps of drivers, and sending pedestrians sprawling awkwardly on the pavement.

However, caretakers of schoolyards, universities, shopping centres, carparks, industrial yards, caravan parks and nursing homes have discovered a secret weapon that is allowing them permanent revenge on potholes and damaged asphalt.

The unrivalled pothole solution for those charged with asphalt maintenance, QPR is packaged in manageable quantities that can be administered quickly to damaged asphalt, and compacted without interrupting traffic. 

One application is all it takes. Potholes beware!

Available online in 15KG bags and pails, for a limited time only Earthco Projects is offering pallet loads of 22.7KG QPR bags at the competitive price of $1520 plus GST. There are 44 x 22.7KG bags per pallet. This stock has been packaged in USA bags, but is freshly made in Australia to the highest quality standards.

Prevent car accidents, stray hubcaps and damaged kneecaps for good with QPR pothole repair. The power is yours in a 22.7KG bag.

Contact us today for more information on 1800 790 907 or visit our website for details.