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Zero pressure accumulation conveying

Supplier: Dematic By: Ben Luckmann
08 December, 2009

Quiet accumulation, increased uptime and excellent performance from Dematic.

Zero pressure accumulation conveyors are used to temporarily stop, hold, and release material, a common requirement in both manufacturing and warehousing material handling systems.

Accumulation is the key to productivity. It's not often that goods can be fed from one process to another at a consistent rate to suit both processes. So good conveyor systems must be able to absorb surges in supply and demand, by queuing, or "accumulating" goods to form a buffer between functions.

Roller transportation conveyor will give limited accumulation. The problem is that the rollers continue to drive and that pressure will build on each carton as other cartons build up behind.

This 'line pressure' means that the system has to be well designed, otherwise fragile cartons would crush, and irregular items would jam or jack-knife right off the conveyor.

Zero pressure accumulation conveyors were the first power conveyors to allow material accumulation along a line without pressure build-up. Today, Dematic offers one of the broadest lines of accumulation conveyors available.

Model 24V dc
The 24V dc accumulation conveyor offers true 'zero pressure' accumulation. A motorised roller ensures products are held captive within each accumulation 'zone'. The conveyor requires no other motoring devices or control mediums. Start/Stop control is performed automatically and without any air operated devices such as pneumatic roller brakes and case stops.

These 'smart' conveyors only operate as required. This allows the system to be quieter, use less power and requires less maintenance than conventional conveyor systems.

Model 1265
The 1265 Accumulation conveyor is a general purpose zero pressure accumulation conveyor, well-suited to a variety of industries and applications. The unit's narrow belt drive mechanism is inherently quiet and has been designed to minimise friction, so fewer and smaller drives can power longer runs.

The accumulation function is activated by photo electric sensing of the product, with pneumatic activation and deactivation of the drive by accumulation zone (610mm). Low maintenance and minimal energy consumption result in exceptional operational efficiency.

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