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ZigSense wireless sensors will assist in meeting HACCP standards

Supplier: Conlab
12 October, 2011

ZigSense is a low cost monitoring system designed to monitor and record environmental and refrigeration conditions in laboratories, cool rooms, hospitals laboratories, research centres, supermarkets, and restaurants.

The system is designed to assist the user in meeting mandatory health and safety regulations associated with the food and drug industry. ZigSense system includes a variety of wireless sensing nodes and a central monitoring, logging and display station.

The utilisation of wireless sensors will simplify installation and reduce costs associated with installing cables thus reducing project costs dramatically.

The system can monitor a variety of parameters:

  • Temperatures
  • % Humidity
  • Compressor current consumption
  • Motor Run Time,
  • Doors OPEN/CLOSE and more

Monitored data can be viewed in real time or historical trends and spreadsheet format. Advanced statistical calculations such as energy consumption and performance or alarm conditions can be reported either locally or be sent as email, SMS or be available.

Zigsense system is made of the following building blocks:

  • A central gateway station receives data sent from remote wireless sensors nodes
  • The received data is accessible by standard monitoring and viewing platforms such as PLC, SCADA stations, HMI and more