Reversing Alarms | BBS-TEK

Supplier: ROYLANCE'S

The BBS-TEK Reversing Alarm emits a unique sound which solves noise nuisance and irritation to workers and local residents, whilst still maintaining a safe working environment.

The BBS-TEK Reversing Alarm has three main advantages over conventional alarms:

  1. Eliminates noise nuisance and complaints – the sound is easier on the ear and dissipates at twice the rate of conventional alarms, creating a better work site and less environmental disturbance.
  2. Locatable – it is easy to tell which vehicle is reversing within a noisy environment
  3. Directional – the sound is concentrated within the danger zone, increasing people's response to the alarm and diminishing the chance of it being ignored.
  • Tough, durable, guaranteed dustproof/waterproof IP68
  • Solid-state, spark-free electronics, epoxy sealed against mud, water and vibration
  • Can be steam-cleaned and pressured hosed


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