Get 3-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaners in Adelaide and Keep Your Shop Clean

A 3-phase industrial vacuum eliminates by-product materials quickly

Household vacuums work splendidly at home or in office spaces. Production facilities require more power and suction to remove larger amounts of fine particles left behind during the manufacturing process. Kerkes Equipment Services knows which product works best for your industry and are ready to assist you with your cleaning needs. Our experienced staff will suggest the most suitable 3-phase industrial vacuum cleaner for your needs, train you on operation and maintenance, and leave you knowing you made the right decision.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of 3 Phase Industrial Vacuums

Three phase industrial vacuums offer more suction than household vacuums and make cleaning a breeze in most industrial settings.

  • Heavy duty quality three phase vacuums shouldn’t require any maintenance to perform at optimum levels. If you notice a decrease in power one phase may be out, and repairs will be necessary. An authorised service technician has the equipment to detect the problem and initiate repairs to minimise downtime.
  • Use the correct filter for the material being extracted. Special filters are available for hazardous dust, extremely fine dust, and materials at high temperatures.
  • An industrial vacuum cleaner needs to be mobile to reach where you need it. A long power cord and heavy-duty casters will provide the necessary mobility to tackle any area of the building.

Tips Regarding Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Focus on experience when shopping for a 3-phase industrial vacuum in Adelaide to ensure you receive sound advice regarding your choice.

  • A reputable dealer will be authorised to sell and provide on-site repairs when necessary. Responding to repair calls quickly lessens downtime and keeps your operation clean and dust free.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions to ensure optimum performance and prevent damage to the vacuum. Ask questions to ensure you understand the different components and how they operate.
  • Ask about supplemental equipment such as additional filters, attachments and any parts that require scheduled maintenance to maintain efficiency. Having spares on hand eliminates interruptions and waiting for parts delivery.

What You Stand to Lose if You Don’t Use Kerkes Equipment Services

We have over 30 years of cleaning equipment industry experience providing you with the best products and service. We are authorised to sell and service a variety of 3-phase industrial vacuums including the Nilfisk T40W hazardous dust industrial vacuum. These cleaners collect substantial quantities of extremely fine dust. Our experience ensures you receive the right product for all your cleaning needs. Our mobile service vehicles and technicians are available to provide maintenance and repairs to keep your vacuums running efficiently. We also offer floor scrubbing machines for easy cleaning and polishing, carpet extraction machines for wet clean up and sweepers that tackle more area in much less time than a broom.

When shopping for any industrial vacuum cleaners in Adelaide, there is only one choice. Contact our friendly associates to learn more about our cleaning products that provide a safe working environment for everyone.

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