4 Benefits of Using a Folding Trolley

4 Benefits of Using a Folding Trolley

A folding trolley provides a safe and efficient solution for moving loads such as stock, office equipment, linen and more.

These trolleys are ideal for warehouses, healthcare facilities, airports, gardening centres, retail centres, restaurants and cafés.

Here are four key benefits of folding trolleys.

1. Better health and safety

“Hazardous manual handling” includes any task that requires lifting, pulling, pushing, or carrying. These types of tasks result in thousands of musculoskeletal injuries every year in Australian workplaces.

Using a well-designed platform trolley to move goods can reduce the risk of back and soft tissue injuries, strains, sprains and hernias from manual handling, helping you avoid workers’ compensation claims and associated costs, lost time and inconvenience.

2. Improved efficiencies

Carrying and moving stock and goods over the day can be tiring and may reduce workers’ energy and efficiency.

Platform trolleys however are easy to manoeuvre – which means your staff can move more items with less effort and in way less time. The trolleys also generally require only one person for use; this means staff members can be freed up for other tasks.

3. Cost effectiveness

Folding trolleys are a very affordable item and offer real value for money, especially considering the level of improved efficiency and safety they can provide. Also great for businesses who would normally have to send two people for deliveries due to the weight of the products and lifting heavy items in and out of cars and trucks.

4. Lightweight and compact

As well as being portable, folding trolleys are compact and can be easily stored away when not in use, without taking up too much storage space.

For example, the Demtruk portable trolley can be easily folded down for storage when not in use. It was originally designed for moving heavy, expensive or awkward to lift equipment in and out of vehicles.  An example of an industry this works well in is Coffee Machine companies.  The delivery of Coffee machines can weigh 120 to 150kg, an ideal situation for a portable trolley.

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