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4 Creative Job Perks That Cost You Little and Gain a Lot

02 September, 2015

The connotations of the word 'perk' seem to be as negative as they are positive these days. Yet there are genuine company perks that can make a big difference to staff morale, motivation and longevity.

Yes, they may have some initial outlay, but the incomings of gratitude and increased productivity will more than compensate in time.

Create a games room

Yes, darts, pool tables, pinball, foosball, table tennis, video games; whatever you can afford. It might seem frivolous and counter-productive – how can anyone be any use while they're yelling 'One-hundred-and-eighty!' at the top of their voice?

But games rooms work for two reasons: one, staff who have fun at work are more committed and creative; two, it brings people together who may not normally cross paths in an environment of light-hearted competitiveness, and that can only be good for your company culture.

Provide food for thought

It doesn't have to be an all-you-can-eat buffet every lunch time and probably shouldn't be unless siestas are part of your afternoon schedule. It could be as simple as pizzas for everyone working late on an important project or a one day a week company feast – Mexican Monday, Thai Tuesday, Wild West Wednesday, you get the idea.

It could be a cereal and fruit bar every morning to charge the batteries. Or, if you're big enough, it could be breakfast and lunch every day. Plenty of successful companies do it and for good reason.

You can even invite clients to create a mixed staff and client gathering; share it on social media complete with photos for added bite for your perk buck.

Perk up staff health

Nothing new here – gym memberships have been standard fare in job packages since dumbbells were invented. But now companies are adding yoga, crossfit and Pilates to the office health program.

Anything that gets your staff out of their chairs and moving is good for productivity and morale and these programs can be an inexpensive way to keep minds and bodies alert and on track.

Work less

There's no question that people work best when they are fresh and focussed; the longer they work the less productive they become. Now innovative companies are playing around with the working week, some even going to a 4 day week with 2 hour lunch breaks.

And there is some sense to this. With more time for family, friends and leisure, workers are fully charged for a much higher percentage of their paid employment and more profitable as a result.

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