6 Great Apps for Industrial Businesses

By: Grant King, IndustrySearch Writer
02 June, 2016

It's the digital age, an age where there are countless ways to use our digits anywhere and everywhere to access anything and everything through a mobile phone.

Industrial apps are also everywhere, some good, and some bad. Here are a few industrial apps worth considering.

Safe Site App

This is a great safety app for site managers and forepersons. Basically it allows real time reporting on site risks and unsafe conditions. If someone on the site comes across a potential danger they can instantly broadcast it to the rest of the site, including the precise location. Not only does this forewarn anyone planning to venture into that area, an iBeacon feature alerts workers as soon as they get near the possible danger. Built-in predictive analytics also suggest actions to eliminate the hazard.

Rapid Handover App

You're a foreperson reaching the end of your shift. You're tired, thirsty, and the last thing you feel like doing is pouring over a bunch of tedious paperwork with the incoming foreperson to bring them up to speed. With the Rapid Handover app all the necessary information from your shift – production goals, crew lists, maintenance, breakdowns, safety issues – is fed in as you go and instantly available on the incoming foreperson's  mobile phone. No messing around, they simply sign in, access all the facts, and pick up where you left off.

Asset Care App

This one's for maintenance techs, a brilliant piece of software that guides technicians through major maintenance on heavy machinery and keeps it on deck and ready to go for each shift. Complex analytics pour over all kinds of data for each piece of equipment – work orders, location, job history and maintenance – to keep techs on top of equipment work requirements.   

Asset Inspect App

This extremely clever app is designed to help keep field technician crews safe during asset inspections and maintenance. Using complex predictive analytics the app gives techs ‘most likely cause' scenarios so they know what to look for. It then automatically analyses manuals, specs and history to help them decide what to do next.  

Civil Works App

Here's a great app for construction workers. The Civil Works app makes onsite maths calculations – sewer and drain construction calculations, road and subdivision formulas and so on – easy to do on the run. With accurate real time calculating and job tracking, there are no more costly reworks and delays.

TIKS Pre-Start App

If you take workplace health and safety seriously, here's a great way to do all your documentation and reporting in double quick time. The app reduces health and safety-related paperwork, improves real time safety efficiencies and keeps everyone up to speed on any concerns easily and instantly via their phone.