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6 Important Warehouse Safety Tips

By: Kalon Huett - IndustrySearch Managing Editor
10 September, 2014

Warehouses can be dangerous places - home to a variety of potential risks and hazards related to pallet racks, forklifts, heavy lifting, spills, falls, lack of adequate training and more.

While production efficiency is obviously a huge focus for warehouse managers, the safety of staff must always be the number one priority.

Below are 6 important safety tips for warehouse managers to keep in mind. Does your warehouse need a safety procedure check-up?

Ensure your staff understand proper handling techniques

Lifting and handling of heavy or awkward items is all part of an average day for warehouse staff, but as warehouse manager it is essential you have provided adequate training on safe techniques for every individual employee.

Lifting in the warehouse: do your employees know how?

Don't ignore 'little things' like safety clips

Safety clips can get knocked off by stock and lie abandoned on the floor until somebody has a chance to fix the pallet rack they belonged to. Not a big deal? Such a simple little device as the safety clip could be the difference between a safe working environment and a dangerous one.

How does your safety rack up?

Give serious tasks to qualified people


Warehouse work by unqualified people can have disastrous consequences to the stability of pallet racking, potentially putting people's lives in danger. 

A slight change in racking can make all the difference

Operate forklifts with one priority: safety

Operating forklifts safely is vital. Appropriate clothing, examination of equipment, consideration of the surrounding environment, and ensuring a stable and secure load are just some of the elements that need to be considered.

16 simple tips for operating a forklift safely

Prevent pallet racking damage before it's too late

Pallet racking damage compromises the safety of a warehouse and can lead to even further damages, loss, personal injury or in some cases death. These catastrophes can be avoided by diligently applying preventative measures as a minimum standard.

Improve safety in your warehouse

Identify hazards with safety signs



Accidents are bad enough without the thought that management contributed to the incident through a failure to provide proper safety measures. Safety signs are must-haves and are covered by various codes - are your signs up to date?

How safety signs can help you comply with workplace safety laws 

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