6 Powerful Industrial Electrical Supplies

15 September, 2014

Where would we be without power? It's fair to say that for the majority of industrial sectors, little could be accomplished without relying on electrical supplies powerful enough to support a huge range of devices and applications.

Below is a showcase of top quality, efficient electrical power supplies designed to drive industrial operations.




Variable Speed Drive | ABB ACS55

Supplied by Control Logic

The ABB Variable Speed Drive ACS55 can supply power from 0.18 to 4Kw or 0.25 to 5HP with a supply voltage of 110- 480 Volts. These drives are designed for machine building. Applications include fans, pumps, gate control, material handling, and conveyors.



AC Motor | Transtecno

Supplied by Chain & Drives Australia

The range of Transtecno AC Motors includes Helical Gearboxes Cmg, Bevel Helical Gearboxes Cmb, Wormgearboxes Cm, Right Angle Wormgearboxes Cm Nema, Pre-Stage Gearboxes Cmp, Combination Gearboxes Cmm, Single Stage Helical Gearboxes Pu and many more. 



Interlocked Socket 2P+E IP67 16A 4h

Supplied by RS Components

Manufactured from GRP thermosetting material, the Interlocked Socket 16A is designed for use in environments with a potential for explosions. It features ample room for wiring with a switch-disconnector mechanical interlock suitable for outdoor wall mounting.



Power Supply Module | 13.5Vdc 10Amp | TPS13-10DC-B

Supplied by Tactical Technologies

The TPS13-10DC-B Power Supply comes with on-board high output charger and a single 10A output and is designed to operate 13.5Vdc at 10A. Its features include genuine 10A continuous output, on-board high output battery charger, AC fail & low battery outputs, over voltage protection, and short circuit protection.



Modular AC/DC and DC/DC Power Systems

Supplied by Amtex Electronics

The major feature of Modular DC Power Systems is the ability to "Hot-Swap" modules, making them the premier choice for critical dc power systems that require N+1 Redundancy and minimum down time.



PULS DC/DC Converter | CD5 Series

Supplied by Control Logic

The PULS Dimension CD-Series offer DIN-rail DC/DC Converters in the 92-120W output power range in a very compact housing. These DC/DC converters are allowed to run with a battery or similar sources. The output is electrically isolated from the input in a safe way. The input is protected against reversed voltages and contains a soft start function.