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7 Great Ways to Motivate Your Team

By: Jeremy Nathan, MD of IndustraCom - Australia's B2B digital marketing specialist
13 October, 2014

Your team is your most valuable business asset. Keeping them engaged, motivated and satisfied should be your highest priority as a manager. Here are 7 great ways I get the most from my team here at IndustraCom.

Team-based incentives
Teams thrive when they can share in rewards together. Set team-based goals and have group incentives when they are achieved. These are separate to individual goal incentives and don't always have to be about revenue. While some teams don't have a revenue focus, what they do can affect revenue. Remember to set goals that are realistic. There is nothing more demotivating than a goal that is too hard to reach.

Recognition & rewards programs
We all like to be acknowledged when we do good work. Recognition in the form of competitions or high-achiever awards are a great way to encourage your team. Any new program must be constantly assessed along the way, so let your team know from the start that adjustments will be made as the effects on both the business and the team are better understood.

A 'thank you' goes a long way
You'd be surprised how far a simple 'thank you' can go to acknowledge a job well done. It can put a smile on someone's face for days. 'Thank you's' should be done verbally if possible, but the addition of a nicely written email or personal letter can be a great extra touch.

Nominate as mentors or advisors
To validate someone's ongoing contribution to your business they could be invited to be part of an advisory committee or mentoring program. They may appreciate the opportunity, and your business will benefit from their involvement in this way.

Be genuinely interested
As managers we have a big responsibility to the people we are entrusted with. Be sensitive to their individual needs, but don't step over the line. If someone seems concerned or distracted a simple 'how are things going?' can open the doors to sharing something and getting it off their chest.

Develop a team spirit
The best teams are those that pull together both in good times and challenging times. A team spirit doesn't just happen by itself. As a manager you should lead the charge both in your attitude and the ongoing activities you initiate. Activities should be both work-related and social to create a true team environment.

Keep in touch regularly
Touching base individually with each member of your team on a regular basis will ensure you keep in tune with their needs and concerns. It's better to get constant feedback and make any necessary changes than to wait too long for issues to reach boiling point.

If you're like me and you're lucky enough to work with a great team who aims to do the best job they can, then these motivation ideas are just the cherry on top. They help us make the most of our work day together and lead to a nurturing environment.



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