A Guide to Tow Tractors

Tow tractors enable you to move goods and materials safely, efficiently, quietly and without hazardous fumes and exhaust. At the same time, they reduce manual handling and the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

These vehicles can transport goods and materials in pallets or other forms. As well as being useful in warehouses, factories and on construction sites, they are also used in the rail industry and at airports for baggage handling.

Some models can also be used to tow multiple trailers in a ‘train’ – which can be especially useful for dropping off or picking up goods at different locations in a warehouse, or for stock replenishment.

Other types include mini dump trucks and tippers, which are often used in the rail and tunnel industries. They also serve as an alternative to manual wheelbarrows for the moving of garden soil and other materials.

Let’s look at some of the models available.

Pedestrian tow tugs:

These battery-powered tugs can be operated in a push or pull motion for safe moving of trolleys and other wheeled containers. They are useful in many industries including airports, hospitals, shopping centres, warehouses, gardening centres and more. Some models suit indoors only, while others can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Applications include movement of materials on construction sites or farms, linen in hospitals or aged care facilities, wheelie bins, small trailers, caravans, wagons, and even boats on trailers.

Example: the Alitrak OT-950 with remote control allows for the easy and safe pulling of as many as 30 supermarket trolleys in one go.

Stand-in and seated ride-on tow tugs:

Stand-in tugs can be good for short distances, where there is the need to hop on and off repeatedly. They can be used to pull several trailers in one go.

Seated tugs are similar to the stand-in varieties and may be useful for longer distances for indoor or outdoor transport of goods or materials.

Electric dumpers / tippers:

These range from pedestrian mini-dumpers such as the Alitrak DT-300 which can move and dump loads of up to 300kg, through to the DT-1000 which can work with loads of up to 1,200kg. Another option is the Alitrak DCT-350-DOZER, a mini-dozer on tracks that can even climb stairs.

Options in the ELK economy range include electric dumpers and tippers from 150kg to 400kg capacity, and the track-vehicle range. The track range includes the ELK-T500 mini dumper on track with remote control, and the ELK-H150 electric track carrier designed for orchards. These machines use a scissor motion for lifting, as well as track propulsion which enables them to move on bumpy or rough terrains.

There are many more varieties of tow tractors, mini dumpers and tippers available to meet a wide variety of needs and tasks. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more.


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