Accessible hydration key to battling workplace heat stress

Supplier: Pryme Australia
11 December, 2014

Dehydration particularly affects workers in hot conditions and thermal environments, reducing productivity and increasing chances of other dangerous conditions like heat stress and heat stroke.

Hydrating adequately before, during and after work is key to maintaining good hydration, staying alert and productive.

Adequate hydration starts with having cool and palatable drinking water on hand, with minimal interruptions to work in order to consume it.

Workers are very often mobile and on the move depending on the location work is being performed in. 

In addition to this, the nature of their work – such as in confined spaces, extreme heat, working at heights or underground, machinery and vehicle maintenance – they may be away from a break room or water station. This situation often leaves workers unable to have drink until a break allows them. In such situations workers may get unknowingly dehydrated, and eventually less productive.

Mobile hydration solutions like water bottles, and hydration backpacks are fantastic solutions that complement worker PPE.

They are lightweight and are often worn by the worker, allowing constant access to water with minimal interruptions to work being performed. 

In some situations, however, for safety, loose objects like a water bottle need to be secured to prevent the threat of becoming a falling object or projectile.

Hydration packs

A recommended solution to overcome this problem is to use hydration packs which can be worn on a worker's back above or under protective suits and clothing.

Industrial safety products specialist Pryme Australia exclusively supplies a type of these, Ergodyne Hydration packs. These are hi-vis low profile packs with a 2L capacity. They offer increased visibility and stay flat to avoid snag hazards. The water resistant 600D polyester shell and zip cap cover and 100 per cent anti-microbial bite-valve keeps contaminants away. The breakaway shoulder straps provide additional security. These packs were developed specifically with worker hydration in mind and are available in orange and lime colours.

This pack-style hydration – often used by bikers, race car drivers and even astronauts – offer hands-free handling and make water readily available to the worker at all times.