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Airman portable air compressors provide safety for Melbourne company

Supplier: CAPS Australia By: CAPS Australia
25 November, 2013

Workers at a construction site are exposed to immense danger that may come about because of the constant moving machinery, mishandling of high pressure equipment and contact with poisonous substances or chemicals.

A lot of focus is being put on ensuring that the workplace is 100% safe for workers and their contractors, which is an effort that will not only save the company money, but also put worse accidental outcomes at bay. 

Bodyworks for motors are one way to ensure that machines operate under protective cover, and Cook’s Body Works has made this a reality through the production of custom-made as well as standard bodies.

The company is a leading manufacturer in Australia and is recognised for its perfect products by companies like Telstra, Metro Trains, Coates Hire and in the recent past it collaborated with CAPS Australia via their branch in Melbourne. The aim of working together was to help in the production of box-type portable air compressors. They were to be used on trucks by a client who lays telecoms cables.

The product development engineer for Cook’s Body Works, Simon Connaughton revealed that they researched on a number of compressor companies available in the market, but they could not find one with the benefits that Airman Machines could offer.

Ten portable Airman PDS75S-5C1 (75 cfm) box-type compressor machines were ordered to beat the tight deadline that Cook’s were working on, thanks to the effort of CAPS Victorian sales assistants. Simon could not forget the competitive pricing that CAPS offered them, the timely delivery and on top of that, Airman machines were self-contained. That means that no external cabling was needed. In addition, CAPS provided many safety benefits.

These portable compressors that are used to power jackhammers have a number of safety features that help the user to avoid injuries. For instance, the control panel is close to the height of the chest of the operator, which makes it simple for him or her to reach and control the machine. The housing of the compressor has cabinet-like doors that allow for easy maintenance.

The benefit of the design of these Airman portable air compressors is that they can be simply operated, because typically truck mount compressors are not well designed to be operated by users on the ground, and they are a bit complicated to reach, and at times unsafe.

The Airman range of compressors were designed with the user’s accessibility and safety in mind. When a user is comfortable, productivity is optimised.