AMCO announce new open grid step nosing

Open grid type steps can sometimes be only as good as their edges, especially in wet or oily environments

Nosings are used on the edges to protect these heavily-trafficked areas—which can prove crucial in mining, construction and agricultural industries looking to increase safety in these hazardous spots. 

A new version of the U-Tred nosing—first released in 2013 by Australian Manufacturing Company (AMCO)—is now available for use in these applications. Dubbed U-Tred Series II, the new nosing accommodates the latest mineral industry standard gridmesh patterns of 50 mm and 100 mm centres. 

Featuring double-action anti-slip cleats for extra grip, U-Tred provides a step definition that’s very hard-wearing. Unlike more conventional open grid step nosings, U-Tred is easily installed in a matter of seconds. There are no bolts, nuts or fasteners required, to save the user time and money. 

Manufactured from high strength galvanised steel, U-Tred is designed for the toughest industrial environments. For increased visibility, the treads are powder-coated in a bright safety yellow. Unlike fibreglass stair treads, U-Tred will not crack or release hazardous splinters. 

U-Tred features heavy duty double action anti-slip cleats for added safety. Two self locking barbs provide quick and secure installation in 25 x 5 mm and 32 x 5 mm step edges. U-Tred comes in the one size: 85 x 40 mm. 

Finally, U-Tred allows users to renovate worn-out open grid step edges quickly and economically. There’s no need to remove and re-install new staircases, saving the user time, money and unnecessary downtime with resulting lost productivity.