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Australia in Asia 'for good times and bad'

31 October, 2012

Flinders academic and editor of Asian Studies Review, Dr Michael Barr, has welcomed the Henry Report on Australia in the Asian Century, but with a message of caution.

"This is not the first time Australia has started facing up to its place in Asia. We were doing that in the 1990s as well, but it all fell apart when the Asian Financial Crisis spread across most of South East Asia and some of North East Asia," Dr Barr said.
Dr Barr said Australia could not afford to fall into "short-termism" again
"The Henry Report doesn’t just address questions of Australia’s short term profit and trading dynamics. Australia is next door to Asia and that is never going to change," he said.
"Australia’s national interest demands that as a country we are able to produce a bipartisan commitment to a program of building knowledge of Asia, Asian language skills and routine familiarity with Asia that will persist beyond the next economic downturn, the next bad headline, and the next change of government here or elsewhere in the region.
"Asia is just as important to Australia in bad times as it is in good, and we need to ensure that the commitment to making the relationship work is both bipartisan and enduring."

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Lou Furbadamo | Thursday, November 8, 2012, 11:19 PM
Cynically! Just as well we’ve got an expert SA. academic to bless & anoint E’nri’s & the Government’s Yellow-White Century assorted scab prone, economic sail fleet. Before it riskily ventures out again into treacherous, choppy Asian & Chinese waters. The presumed doctor expert, on Asian affairs must feel lucky Chihuahua pooch exalted, to be the flavour of the month with this new found key emphasis, right down his dive & sweat shop alley? On that basis, I’d probably consult him on Asian foods, customs & trivia! But as appropriate assessor & adjudicator of risky future economic & employment sham dreamtime nonsense, “most” are left badly wanting cause their analysis & comments are soley self serving! Admittedly, the customary appropriateness of burping after meals, and whether it’s appropriate to modestly refuse, when pushy-pussy solicited on the streets or sitting at the bar, still confuses me. With revolutionary, highfaluting ,comfy sheltered, academic open liners. Like the deep & meaningful, “Australia in Asia 'for good times and bad'”, and reassuringly, “Australia is next door to Asia and that is never going to change”! It’s probably just as well, cause she’d be tempted to sly, continental drift across the Indian Ocean to Africa, for a more fancied bit of hotter, ecstatically tumultuous, Swahili black snake mamba! “His earth shattering findings, opinion and continental scandal avoidance, could have easily been dribble attached, as a key support addendum to the yellow, white paper butt wipe!” The Asian embracing Doc., is notably cautions on the previous jingo “short termism!” failures & presumably advocates the complete disaster experience, with preferred “long termism”, for more enduring, absolute nonsense failure? Further, he fascinator claims the B.W. Document, “address questions of Australia’s short term profit and trading dynamics”, When instead, Doc. E’nri says his “butt paper”, has no easy short term economic answers & fixes, but is to be viewed as a long term road map? Just visit GMH, Fielders, and EI components to see how it’s short term, domino, shag-fixing them! But they’ll surely all come good longer term, when they’ve sacked local workers and globally moved operations to a more conducive & competitive facility offshore! Obviously, with assorted, dreamy academic, drop kickers on their team, it’s failure doomed and we’d be insane not to worry and be highly damning ! System poppy cock advisers, should start sorting out their priorities and think about our long term economic well being and how, our soon to be bankrupt state, is going to find the big bucks to pay & keep unproductive, idle philosophical types. Perhaps adopting typical Asian pay rate regimes of circa under $30,000 p.a. for pollies, academics & bureaucrats. Is fair retribution for years of misguidedness and low productivity. Cause ”When in Rome …but now in Asia, trim the fat and cut snorting wages!” There may be some unintended benefits, the dopes didn’t see coming? And I like their discipline & no nonsense capital dispensing of traitors & serious criminals! From perceived, “real contribution & worth” to the State Economy. I know which southern waffle-Dom, I’d be cutting & redundancy unemployment pasting, early on! But SA. academics needn't worry yet, cause our gutless, but lovable chipping JJ’s & the Klunky Liberal Joke alternative, haven’t got a clue and will probably only act when the receiver comes to the door! I wonder whether any of them have the efficiency, to sensibly proactively work on my pet subject recommendation, of constitutional scrapping of gross redundant, wasteful, State Governments? Cheers, Furbo!