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Benefits of using a turnkey manufacturing company

Supplier: Anchorage Group By: Emily Rendell
30 August, 2016

Turnkey manufacturing is when the entire manufacturing and supply chain process is carried out by one supplier. From concept to component. Including; the design process, the full production procedure, assembly, packing and Free Into Store delivery to site. On time and within budget.

The turnkey method takes away the risk of relying on a number of suppliers for products made up of many parts. It removes the danger of uncertain quality and late delivery. Guarantees that all the components will assemble together as required.

Benefits of Turnkey Manufacturing

  1. Having to communicate with multiple companies, and trying to get multiple companies to liaise with each other is time consuming and frustrating. Turnkey manufacturing coordinates the entire process. Thus removing the need to contact and follow-up a number of companies and persons. This frees up your time and resource. Allowing you to focus on the sales and marketing of your product. It also means that all invoices come from the same company throughout the entire process.

  2. It is important to know as much as you can about your vendors. View our recent post HERE. When researching a turnkey manufacturer, you only need to analyse one company. Rather than researching a number of suppliers, each with their own means of providing information. So, the research that you do, will be more in depth. Ensuring you choose the right company for your products.

  3. Smooth shift from the prototype to production stage. The designers at a company that also provides the manufacturing service, are highly trained in their company’s strengths. They will be able to design products so you can be sure of the highest quality. Using the most efficient production techniques.

  4. Coordinating materials and components between many suppliers is expensive and uses a lot of time. The Turnkey method reduces the movement by keeping the processes all under one roof. Most Turnkey manufacturing companies, such as Swift Metal Services, offer Free Into Store delivery of the final product to your site.

  5. Time is money in manufacturing. Turnkey manufacturers streamline the entire process. From the initial concept of your design, right through to the final delivery and inventory management if required. The time saved also helps reduce production costs, lessen shipping costs and provides opportunity for better material costs. View our post HERE.
  6. Conserve valuable in-house resources. You no longer need to direct your human resources into assembly, logistics, or supply chain management. The goods arrive ready for packing, final assembly or dispatch. As a result, this removes many stages from the supply chain.

So, are you ready to experience the benefits of working with a turnkey manufacturing company?

Swift Metal Services is skilled in every area of the production process. Offering a full, end-to-end contract manufacturing service. Contact us to see how we can help.