Boost Your ID Card Security Without Increasing Running Costs

Improving the security features in the ID Cards is a better way to manage its authenticity.

They not only make it difficult to create duplicate ID cards but also look professional. Small businesses that rely on the ID Cards for providing access to their premises can now include security features in their designs and print ID Cards without increasing the running costs of operation.

Plus, the designs can be altered periodically to enhance security further and reduce the chances of getting duplicated for misuse.

Some of the ID card security enhancement features are:

1.Photo/Picture: Primary security feature in any ID card is the inclusion of a photo. If you do not already have this, it is best advised to include photos in your ID card. Photos provide a quick and easy way to identify the ID cardholder and be verified visually without excessive technology systems. Photos or pictures provide basic level security and need additional security features to go with it. Photos alone can be easily manipulated.

2.Barcodes: when an ID card is printed, barcodes can be easily encoded and embedded in the ID card to improve security features. It is an easy feature to include in the ID Card and a barcode a scanner is all that is needed to verify the ID card.

3.Proximity/ RFID / Smart card: Smart ID Cards use radio frequency to send and receive data. This transfer of data takes place from a distance. The proximity cards work from a distance, and unlike a magnetic stripe reader, they do not need to be swiped. This type of security feature is an efficient solution for secure door access without any personnel presence for allowing entry. It can be used for attendance or time-related door accesses.

4.Hologram: A superior security features that can be incorporated into the card design itself. These days it is used for visual security and to showcase authenticity on multiple ID cards. Holograms that reflect multiple colours of the rainbow are formed on plastic film surfaces, by including a reflective aluminium coating that uses light to reconstruct the hologram. PPC ID Card solution’s HoloKote® technology is a secure watermark that is frosted onto the card surface during the normal print cycle using standard consumables (dye film and cards).

The HoloKote® print process produces a watermark-like layer that can be visually verified when the card is tilted in the light. HoloPatch cards combined with a HoloKote provide a distance-visible security mark for even greater security, allowing a security guard or colleague to verify badge authenticity easily. HoloPatch® card stock is enhanced with a highly reflective gold ‘super diffuser’ foil square that intensifies any HoloKote® logo’s visibility. It’s the ultimate in card security simplicity.

This technology is virtually impossible to replicate because of its unique visual effects. General colour copiers or scanners, will not duplicate this hologram, making it a simplistic and highly secure defence against the threat of fraud, theft, or counterfeiters.

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