Brushed or Brushless Motors ?

One of the most common issues facing customers is whether to go for a brushed motor or a Brushless DC (BLDC) option.


Although the majority of DC motors remain brushed, in the future these will be surpassed by BLDC alternatives, especially for applications where variable speed control is essential.

BLDC motors require a controller to operate and, whilst this pushes the cost above a Brushed alternative it does provide many advantages over the older technology:

-Lower maintenance & longer motor life expectancy (no brush or commutator erosion, as brushes should be replaced yearly)

-Lower noise (due to elimination of brush contact)

-Greater speed control and reversing capabilities

-Higher power to weight ratio, so a smaller & lighter motor can be used

-Higher efficiency (in general, EMP's BLDC motors are >90% efficient)

-Lower temperature rise, due to better heat dissipation.


There are obviously cases where brushed motors will still continue to perform adequately for various tasks, but often it is the BLDC motors that can be incorporated into various applications to raise them to the next level.

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