Bubblers, tapware and lab fittings for the education sector

Enware’s first ever product for schools was school lab fittings and fast forward to today where we now have over 80 years of experience supplying the Australian education sector.

Enware’s range has developed and grown to suit the ever changing needs of new and existing schools, child care centres and tertiary institutions.  

Hundreds of thousands of Australian students have used Enware products while taking their first tentative drink at school, washing their hands before lunch, experiments in the science lab, cleaning dishes or rinsing their paintbrush.

Enware has a long standing history of manufacturing products which are durable, functional, easy to maintain and compliant with Australian Standards. Based on the philosophy that schools are a microcosm and reflect the needs of modern society, Enware understands the need to progress their product development perspective.

Moving forward, their product development has been more user-focused and incorporates elements of fun, colour, ease-of-use and comfort.  With user comfort in mind, they also continually improve and expand their range of accessible products to help educational buildings comply with accessibility requirements.

Enware can supply a broad range of products designed for use in Education building projects - including bubblers, taps, showers and school laboratory and safety products.

For more information on the complete range visit: http://www.enware.com.au/industry-solutions/education/